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Getting Descriptions of People: Ten Tips

Most of us find it hard to describe a person. When you need an accurate description of a robber, fraudster, harasser, witness or anybody else that can help you with your inquiries, there are questions to ask that will help get you the most accurate description possible. 

Spotting Shoplifters 

Shoplifting or shopstealing costs retailers unnecessarily. In some cases shopstealing has been so bad that it has driven businesses into bankruptcy. Here are some tips on how to spot shopstealers. 

How to Spot Counterfeit US Dollars

There have been numerous cases of counterfeit US dollars being passed in most countries of the world. Fraudsters find it easier to pass counterfeits in Australia and other countries because most of us do not handle enough US dollars on a regular basis to be able to spot the counterfeits. 

Examining Invoices or Documents That May Have Been Altered

There are things to look for on a document that you think might have been altered to either confirm your suspicion or satisfy it. Here are the top ten tips.

Fraud Detection Tips

Here are a few quick pointers to help you spot frauds.

Information Protection Tips  

Fourteen tips to help you protect valuable and confidential information.

Tricks Barristers Often Use and How to Overcome Them  

Barristers use a range of tricks to trap accountants, risk managers, investigators and business owners. Here are a few of the worst together with advice on how to overcome them. 

Investigation Interviewing Tips

Getting background information that may be useful to investigators interviewing suspects, witnesses and others.

Dealing With Lies

There are a number of ways of getting the truth if you think that someone might be lying to you. 

Investigation Interview Observers

Observers at an investigation interview can hamper the interview and damage your chances of success. On the other hand they can be useful to the investigator. Here are some tips in managing investigation interview observers.

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