There are a number of kinds of probity reviews:

1.   Those that are undertaken into decisions that have already been made and processes and actions that have already occurred.

2.   Those that are real time, and are undertaken as the process proceeds and as the actions occur and decisions are made.

3.   Those that are undertaken to review systems and processes.

The first is useful in assessing whether decisions and actions have been in accordance with probity principles. They are often undertaken as the result of complaints or allegations, but are also undertaken because management or other people want the assurance that things have been done ‘above board’.

The real time probity reviews help prevent a process or decision from going off the rails, because preventive or remedial action can usually be taken immediately the problem is revealed.

Probity reviews of systems and processes are useful to ensure that systemic problems are dealt with and that from this point on probity principles are applied.





Tendering Probity Audits and Reviews

In tendering or bid processes it is essential for probity rules to be followed and for probity to be seen to be in place. If people do not believe that the process is fair they may not bother bidding in future or if they do bid they are unlikely to put much effort in the bid, and may even engage in collusive practices to overcome what they see as an unfair process. We are able to provide probity reviews and audits as the process occurs or at any stage of the process or even where the contract has already been awarded.  

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Ethics Compliance

The perception of fraud, corruption and unethical practices causes people to think that that is how that particular organisation works. They are then far more likely to engage in these practices in their dealings with the organisation. So the perception of fraud and corruption causes real fraud and corruption. It is therefore important that not only is probity in place but that it is seen to be in place. We can help you ensure this by undertaking ethics probity reviews of any areas, decisions or actions in your organisation.  

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